"I am not Afrikan because I was born in Afrika. I am Afrikan because Afrika was born in me" - Kwame Nkrumah


W2W Movement provides health, education, and community resources for Afrikan Diasporans! 


W2W Movement offers Pan Afrikan Education for Afrikan ascended children in 3 different locations!


W2W Movement encourages the uplift of our people with unique reclamations of travel, fashion, media representations of our people, and music production.  

West2West is committed to the unification and liberation of ALL Afrikan Black people. We are a platform that moves resources, education, and culture between local Black communities and the greater, global Afrikan Black Diaspora. The Afrikan Black Diaspora includes “all global communities ascended from the historic migrations of peoples from Afri[k]a since the 15th century”. Within these historic migrations are those that occured by choice or search for “greener pastures”, and those forced through barbarous slave trades, colonization, and war. Today in the Afrikan Black Diaspora there are nearly 1.3 billion Afrikan Black people living on the Afrikan continent and 100 million occupying over 75 nations around the world.