Ready, set, tRAVEL


Cash App: $west2west


Credit/Debit Card (3% Processing Fee)- Square invoice


Cashier's check/ Money order 


Payable to West2West Ventures LLC


Contact West2West for mailing address


W2W promotes self-sustainability through collaborative economics, extracting resources from institutions, and bargaining- trading services and products. If you NEED financial assistance for your trip, please reach out to us at


Service Exchange Program

Patrons who are able to exchange 40 hours of services for W2W will receive a discounted trip price.


Full payments are accepted as well as individualized payment plans!

July 2020

Diaspora Link Up

For Educators:

April 30th- $1,000 (includes $500 Deposit)

May 30th- $1,000

June 30th- $1,000

July 15th- $500


For Youth:

April 30th- $500 Deposit

May 30th- $765

June 30th- $765

July 15th- $765

Scholarship opportunities and fundraising support are available for youth as needed. If granted a scholarship, families are expected to pay the $500 deposit.


December 2020

Family Affair

April 15th, 2019- $400

(non-refundable deposit)

April 30th, 2019- $400

May 30th, 2019- $400

June 30th, 2019- $400

July 30th, 2019- $400

August 30th, 2019- $400

September 30th, 2019- $400

October 30th, 2019- $400

November 30th, 2019- $400

December 15th, 2019- $400