Given the current political and social climate of the world, everyday people are faced with the decision to either remain dependent on systems that do not value human life, or work toward being self-sufficient.


For Afrikans, the choice is clear and the present has always been a time for resistance, creativity, and endless commitment to liberation.


West2West is a continuation of our ancestors' work who understood that reconnecting with our Motherland– on our own terms– was, and still is, vital in our quest for freedom. Beyond facilitating the physical movement of Afrikan people through exposure trips, West2West is a vehicle that drives Afrika and her children into the future.


We believe that our liberation as Afrikan people is directly linked to our ability to be self-sufficient, economically and politically . By creating ventures, networks, and partnerships, we are working toward generating multiple sources of income to sustain our work and move closer to economic liberation.


To effectively build cross-continental relations, we must learn more about the historical and current social structures of Afrika and our family in the Diaspora. Our curriculum will equip our base with the necessary knowledge to journey home and be made accessible to our local community.


Honoring spirituality, art, fashion, cuisine, language, music, and dance is the key  to unmasking the parity of all Afrikan cultures.  West2West aims to highlight our connectedness on the basis of our cross-cultural intersections that persist beyond forces of division and ignorance. With culture as a lens, our people will begin to realize we are more alike, than not.